LIFE — is rock and roll
Become more free with RnRClub!
What is RNR CLUB?
RNR club is a club for people who know how to enjoy life and music. We help you to become more free from material problems. We do not ask questions why You are with us, and do not give unnecessary information as we do such turnovers. What matters is your willingness to participate and your willingness to take risks!
What financial proposals gives RNRCLUB?
We offer three investment plans with a yield of up to 138% in 23 working days. More details can be found in the section "About money".
What payment systems do we work?
We serve payment systems Perfect money, Payeer, NIX-money.
Information on commissions.
We have no commissions.
Payment information.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1USD, withdrawals are processed manually within 24 hours.
Our affiliate program.
We offer you to get additional income by inviting friends. Level 1 - 3% of the contribution of the partner, level 2 - 2% of the contribution of the partner, level 3 - 1% of the partner contribution.
Bonus program.
We accrued additional bonuses on deposits during the weekend. 2% of the deposit amount in the jukebox LEKSTON and 3% of the Deposit amount in a WURLITZER. Bonuses are credited automatically within 24 hours and are available for withdrawal.